Magically mysterious; Extravagantly luxurious; Sensual; Elegant; A timeless classic

Therein lies the innate beauty of ‘Black’ that seduced entrepreneur and designer, Anthea Chan, into marrying her passion for fashion with her penchant for this distinguished shade.

As Anthea herself explains:
"Black is slimming, alluring, mysterious, easy to keep clean, goes with everything else in your wardrobe, and you can never go wrong wearing it. Overall, black is a magical colour that can transform people by giving them a mystical air of sophistication and moreover it is an all-time classic."

Anthea's brainchild, PERFECT in BLACK™, is the Specialist in Black Apparel and Accessories for all occasions.

Drawing inspiration from her heritage and global travels, Anthea utilizes exquisite materials to establish collections that are a perennial fashion statement in itself. Every creation confers to its wearer qualities parallel to that of Black: mystery, elegance, sensuousness, luxury and glamour.